OH how you channeled my inner-self. I’ve become known to my spirit of your being that brought me to the light, I was so fantasied with the sensation I had with you. The one true person I had felt like touched my soul and found a home in me forever. Embodied with the wholesome truth of the depths of this connection, that is the most freeing soar in a humans core. Many have not had the chance to experience any kind of love but this love was inspirational. Soul-Taking perhaps every touch becomes pieces of the jorney we’ve shared, every look is an ocean of a future plans that may not take flight…Every word is so powerful it holds a special truth behind the now empty orbit of your first true soul mate. You feel everything at once the anger, happiness, sadness, and now the raw feelings of the truth that lies ahead. My love, you have awakened me I loved you far beyond loving myself and those wicked schemes I allowed you to played never reckoned me the way those hopes I still love you and your beautiful soul. The harden soul of your deepest secrets that you chose not to share with me and so I questioned would I be too afraid to love a monster like you but just as the beast became a prince I saw the wonders of your life fulfilling in the most strangest ways. Dearest you, were you scared and being turned from the upside right in which ways did you think our love was blind? When was the moment you stopped seeing us for what we could have been because of the taunting thoughts that lived inside of you? was I allowed to be trampled on but put together by you so I thought.. I was to exceed your expectation likes lovers do, willing loving such a person that doesn’t expect that kind of love from anyone. You are easily tempered, high invested, sadden deeply, expressive to the rights of others but non-responsive to your own being. So many thoughts you created in me what negatively seeks your soul corrupts it every time I hear those insulting words of disbelief, to wait for your unfailing love I never received? I came for you, I was destined to meet you to make an impact in your life a mark that will always be reminded of the young girl who fell involve with the too good man. You didn’t have to admit you loved me your gestures spoke for you or did they soul mate? I wish, I could have came earlier to maneuver you in the ways lovers do. I became half of you and because of who I become I took the side of you that needs vulnerability you seek passion and magic just like us all but you didn’t hear me when I was confessing my love for you instead you laughed and allowed it to become a tool to wheel me back and forth knowing I cared for you so deep it burden like sage. I screamed for you, I believed in you so spiritually it would run me in circles to become part of that light that was hiding in the darkness. I know you, well at least I thought I did you wanted to be wanted to escape. My beloved first encounter you were embedded with so much talent to change this world but you spoke to it like any other broken person would but the authority you held by the name of your family fell into the devastating pit of pleasing them before you. Riddle me this, when will it be your time though our lives are changing and our time has disappeared..I log for you to find your possession here on this earth. I will never forget the moment our souls met for the first that illusion of time when our eyes met and the world became unstoppable to the surrounds it held a pause the car was still in motion but our moment wasn’t it took up the most unforgettable moment I have ever felt in my life-time. Free yourself my love so maybe one day you could love someone again.

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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