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Running mind of mine, 

I dread a thought that separates my mind and subconscious thinking,

I feel so many emotions in my heart its leaking,

Hard to love when your always seeking, 

But surely enough it starting to become my favorite choice of singing 

Driving down memory lane is bringing back my reflection on all I’ve tossed maybe if I put the gas to metal I wouldn’t be in such a fog,

air on full speed I can see clearly, I was just in a rush to the light I forgot to see the scenery

Moving to fast can cause your meter to flutter or even breaking at an instance can cause the radiator to guzzle 

I knew it wasn’t my eyes that was not connecting to the world, it was the mind that destroyed the image at a certain point and now its making a u-turn

i want to find my way home again, without having to pay the tolls, I miss the day when my mind wasn’t in such a pot-hole. 

I remember loving someone so hard my mind started to become corrupted maybe I hit some bumps in the road it doesn’t make me busted. 

my family was an even bigger hill to follow, I was on a journey to find my purpose all while living in theirs, I had to make a hard decision when you’re at a four way stop deciding which way to go now In hopes I don’t get stuck.  

I can’t leave them behind they’re all I’ve known now.. but at a certain point I started to breathe the air and the clouds how life changing does that sound? I can’t go back now its taking me places I was unaware of, dreaming in an alter with such despair. When I find the sunset I know they are near, when I touch the stars I feel their hearts warming up my steering wheel. I never wanted to feel the sun without the moon but when I get to the other side, I fly you out soon. 

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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