Trust Issues

you’ve given up on love maybe because you found out what it was

You don’t get to choose whether not your feelings are just 

You keep silent and make it all seem normal 

Some people just want someone with the same morals

Hard to see whether or not they are rocking with me

So I put myself at a test and wonder if they are like the rest

I had my fair share of love & lust but at some point I just want somebody I can trust

Maybe one day it won’t be so hard to give them my all but until then I’ll keep silent and let their head spin

Just for once I’d like someone to understand that just because your there doesn’t mean your presence is near

Speaking words of faith maybe that’s why I always think I’m safe ? 

A speaking female is like a good treat they all want someone they can fight and leave and know that’ll come back but at some point that won’t last

Keeping it real if you want somebody with class

You don’t have to worry she’ll lead the way or maybe she’ll help you heal your pain but in the end it’s truth that lies beyond the reason of why your trust is a question that many of us mention🗣

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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