Ready for you to see me.

You never truly knew her, you knew of her. She lived in a small city that would be easily overpopulated with dozens of newcomers who wanted to experience the richness of the hillside. Looking above it all, she glanced from the distance once she reached the peak of the citrus sitting high above analyzing the cars staggering from one lane to the next and the sirens overtaking the peacefulness it was intense. In the mix of all the chaos; silence seaped into the vents, in the air she heard her name being whispered in the midst of the calmness. Who was “she” and she spoke.. I am the eldest of many and had come from a less fortune but more than fortunate family better to be rich off love and happiness then sinking in the mix of the money that falls down and crushes the hearts of those who rely on it. Sweet like honey but in due times she was as hot as fire ready to burn whatever touched her in the slightest way, those who had come known to her personality were not fond of it so they left her aside and allowed her to repent the life choices she’s made.

After all, this time she had been through many tests some she felt like would erupt her so far that she would be blind to the mind. She was drowning in centerpiece the family had gone to another life and left her to figure out her own. She was playing in a playground and hanging on the monkey bars then all of a sudden she was driving down the street and being able to pick between home or another life. To be clear life has always been a “one-way street” picking between just and unjust never deciding what was fair .. her needs where always put last to help her people become who they are today all while not all of them are perfect but they carry her heart with them forever. Suddenly, Her life was changing drastically and she had to figure out another way to adjust she gotten herself in a bit of a rut people would call upon her to distract her journey and she knew it because she saw it flash before her eyes how does she change the way of living before her life becomes a sacrifice her heart wasn’t growing bitter she just couldn’t  handle another person telling her a lie about her life all she did was seek and seek and every-time she opened her eyes another thing would fall beneath her, she was worried and scared she didn’t know what her life had become and in the the midst of it all she could feel energy being channeled from one person to another and her life was slowing becoming unknown to her. 

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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