Keep In Mind…

Keep your words sharp away, speak of the good every day. Set aside some time a day to get ready for what comes to play.

Gratitude is the key to getting all you dreamed. Never let a person tell you, your happiness is not what it seems… only those in the dark can see your light ignite. Your mind needs freedom so you can soar, fly above the closed door.

Corrupt speech is the mouth of the enemy, Wise talk is the Jewels to life. Steer away from all the taunting and allow your mind to reach an all-time high. It may feel exhausting but don’t let time pass by hold yourself accountable for the success down your path, you will watch others plant seeds and harvest will come to some quickly but don’t get discouraged go and find your niche you never know what you could pitch and if it’ll be a hit. Don’t let senseless people get in the mix of each deed you never know what mouth you’ll feed. The next generation is coming quickly, don’t shy them away when their minds are full of uncertainty reassure them that efforts make their identity.

In the mix of becoming all you are aspiring allow you mind to stay strict on what you want it to Fed, ALLOWING YOUR DESIRES that have not become fruitful to harvest in mind. Plant your seeds and Succeed.

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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