she really wish….

she could not seem to catch up, every time she made a plan it would drain her back to her most uneasy state.

she really wish someone would stay.

she would touch souls that intertwined but in the end they seem to unwind. close your eyes it will be fine, she cried most days to feel the high.

she really wish someone would stay.

most times she was held imprisoned…she constantly yearned for someone with emotion, knowledge, and experience. admiring throughout the same route she wonders if there would be someone new to meet.

she really wish someone would stay.

long nights in a box wondering who could feed her thoughts, this generation scares her no one would know how to handle her. oftentimes, she ran the clock only to be overwhelmed with frustration. All-day long she seeks appreciation for someone who sweeps in and understands her limitations and sets her heart on fire to receive rewards of completions. Running along the deepest clockwork, time would rewind when she was not doing her best work…how do you reset the time that was only in the mind oh how much she cried for a partner in crime.

she really wish someone would stay.

Every time she met a pure soul, they would twist her inner skull. If only this time it was far more than a number. A real love that invested in taking part in her essence. Only some could understand her passion but not quite to give her all she was asking. A cloud of smog would appear above her it’s only a matter of time before she learned why she was always seeking another lost connection, it never proceeded upon one light but hopefully, she eventually comprehends the insight. soon she explained that if you allow the events to come back it’ll operate the same course and authentic love would pass her by.. she concluded this time she would try to learn herself instead of admiring about who was in her head.

she really wish someone would stay.

(ME) she asserted all this season she was looking for someone to answer her every demand, externally still remembering on the extraordinary devotion she drilled far inside her wandering cycle. she could conquer this atmosphere and make art her most profound strokes of art no need for a lover her work was cited. She never grasped how long it took to get herself in line. This time when she made a frame or questioned her wait it was all to invest into her fine portrait she represented magic in the mix of the star and the luna she withdrew her bedroom and held drawn to her proofs..she certainly recognized that her story was a pathway invented by the one operating the thoughts, wow growth is astounding when she let go of the baggage, next time they saw her she was traveling in the atmosphere an angel of fulfillment she finally made it into the doors of the unknown shielded by her vessels, at last, she mastered all she ever wanted was herself.

calling me home.

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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