When Destiny died, our whole city went to her ceremony. She was only 25 years old and didn’t even experience having a born child or loving husband. The women were all in despair and the men were curious of the monument she had created, she had a whimsy look to her face and their was never a day she let anyone cry in her face without shouting out a joyful song to cheer up her beloved friends. Her vacation home was east of Hawaii island, she would fly there when she needed to recuperate. The home was a secret and one one knew until her death. She use to tell stories to the people back home about giving surfing lessons and riding through the waves, and speaking with dolphins. She was a harmless women who could be just as salty as the sea. Her home was filled with shells and oysters that she had found along the shore. She was a peaceful women who dreaded nothing and always looked upon the stars.

Alive, Destiny had been a giver, lover, and wise woman of her word; a sort of robot that never wanted to be at ease, looking back from that day in 2019 when everyone vowed to change their life the following year, the most amazing person – Hustler had died before her eyes on the news she was inflicted and deeply saddened, she would speak her thoughts from here on out she rambled if you care enough to make a difference you would stop talking and do it already, the aggianize truths would feed her doubt at times but she would persevere through it all. Ms.Destiny would not accept an excuse from anyone and allow her reasoning to be voice profoundly.An angry women, not Destiny she understood that we all have a purpose whether we obtain it or not we a breathing flesh of the realness this life has to offer.

When the next Generation, started to become more influential, targeting life changing goals, and becoming millionaires off of one idea she became in good spirits because she knew all it took was a little voice to encourage the younger age group. On the first six months she would receive emails that adolescents where following her advice and were becoming successful she would cry tears of joy in those who believe in themselves. One of the biggest night came in June she would be speaking at her very own event on main street to all of those who felt isolated to their lives. They awarded her the ” Best Motivational Speaker” which came by surprise she just wanted to help the society around her that was her prize. After the ceremony she was showered with powerful words and a united group of hard workers who could carry on her words. A dream right before her eyes she found her niche.

They called a non-profit “Destiny’s World” after her appearance that night in June. Many children would wait for her to come outside her steps and tell a story, and when she wasn’t on time they would knock with laughter and she would answer with gushy warm cookies and a milk carton implying this story was going to be too good to leave before the street lights, Parents would sit around and wait in awe of the inspiration she had shared with the adolescents. As they walked out she would remind them be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen you never know what something might be trying to tell you listen to your intuition.

It had been a couples of months and it was Destiny’s week to soar in the sky to the unknown, she had been packing her bags when her phone rang with a disturbing text ” Ms.Destiny my grandfather had died and there is no life without him, he guided me to you and now if you leave I will be all alone trying to piece this tragedy please don’t go.” She was in fear of what this message conveyed so she told him ” If your grandfather brought you to me your life will be abundant my love keeping you in my prayers – love Destiny”. She was in fact devastated, what that child did not know was his grandfather was Destiny’s lover and she could not bear her emotions she flew to her home in Hawaii with a somber spirit mourning her loved one.

Arriving to her destination, fear and angry embodied her spirit attacking her like mosquitoes on a summer night. She would enter her realm of clamility but she had no other way to relieve this pain only by meditating. Her dearest friends would call her for days since she left a month has gone by and she had shut the world out to understand her own insides, she sent a letter shortly after two months of being away. ” I have decided that since the old me has vanished it is time for me to seek another love within that i may not be able to consistently maintain around the people who have seen me in those states of mind, until i am ready i will not be back love you all Destiny.”

Goodbye, this is Destiny’s last time freeing herself for she is loosed in her spirit she has made a life changing alter in manys lives but hasn’t fulfilled all that made her manifest into whom she is becoming. She loved to be strong for everyone that was her anointed gift but for her life’s calling it was all to find herself out of the darkness and ever since her lover had passed she already knew her life was entering a supernatural realm…. January 1st 2020 Destiny was called upon her ancestors. Her Eulogy said ” Oh sweetest Destiny how you have entered the place that had held you from the roots, you made a life of honest words and pure deeds for you may find your lover and rest in peace. Because of your most generous soul, your children have place a fountain of honor when they are in need may the call your name and overflow them with your gracious love. On this day may we reclaim your power back in our lives so we may live to fight and conquer each day. we will meet you there Miss Destiny.”

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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