**SIGNS **

signs are everywhere even in the words you speak

the universe has a special way of doing things

when you are feeling all alone, someone random will hit up your phone, laying down asking for a sign when you click the screen 11:11 is right in sight. Wishing for another job and the offer arise , funny how the universe loves surprises.

sometimes it shows you its time to let go and suddenly you hear words of discernment and wonder how far did I let this go. nobody sees the way it works until tuned into inner fireworks all made by light a force to be wrecked with wondering what is in-stored when eyes are closed when thoughts are speeding through the subconscious mind of another soul suddenly he/she shows up in a dream what kind of message was it interpreting. wishing for magic is the same as praying for a miracle as soon as you ask you will receive don’t be the one to ask for corrupt things karma will please you in the worst ways. speak highly to the universe and what is created getting into alignment will manifest it, who knew life was an investment. As you find your inner-peace you will be tested just keep your mind in the right momentum, it is easy to fall out of realm it seems so unreal when you’re living in freedom. Unfortunately but fortunately you will disconnect from old habits it scatters your brain playing a trick like its a bad thing happening, your body didn’t realize that it was toxic until your reached a point where the top is far more than average.

I wonder if we all see it the same the way the greenery seems to come alive or even the birds chirping all through the divine, sitting in silence is almost as beautiful as meditation have you ever truly felt your vibrations.

our life is abundant its flourishing in time, follow your hearts path even in the darkest times.

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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