Something about writing that makes things personal, maybe the word I or even real life events turned into a story how about the time you dreamt of a destruction. Although it effects no one’s life but your own the agonize feeling seeping deep in the pit of the stomach of the person fanicasting it all happening in the heat of the moment.

I was dreaming and all of a sudden I was in a house familiar.. far to familiar.. all of a sudden I was hiding after relaxing on the couch with a relative, in the mix of the door banging and panicking because my intuition was screaming fear. Who was I to be afraid of anything in the house I soulfully knew. Running to the bathroom turning on irons to burn them if they crossed me and a knife big enough to cut three heads at once. Making sure the outlets were streaming high powers of electricity, while phoning the cops on the other hand and a silence drew no one answered. As i called again in panic telling them a description of what I was experiencing and silence drew once again, I felt alone and scared. Then in the heat of the moment I ran to have a look. where they still peaking through the door? and so they were and I was recognized by name, as I shared a glimpse of whom it could be the witch was staring at me and broke in instantly I ran, I grabbed my weapons and when I went back I heard chattered and knew that this person was comfortable in the house I was in, the house that held safety as a child is now bearing the same people who possess evil and corruption. As I entered there was no fear, as I turned around I had seen my own relative recognize who that person was and looked at me with the face of the same spirit hidden so well. As I went outside I was reading the license plate of the cars parked outside the driveway as the others who broke in where her own children and smiled in my face… I tried to cancel the call from the police but they never received the call, as this young girl drives past she had to notice the spirit inside me was sad and confused and offered me a gift as I cried because I was recognized and she gave a hug of comfort.

I feel it deep in my soul that the word i have been asking for was revealed. “watch those around you”

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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