The Good,Bad,and Ugly

A Letter to you,

I know your reading this right now with your jaw locked and your mind filled with thoughts of anger and confusion. I know you thought that at this time it would’ve been different for you. You are not understanding life right now it has been stagnant and filled with test after test, you seem to feel like you failed every single one since this has been a surprise to you..independence is like freedom and it feels like it’s been taken away so suddenly. You probably didn’t even think that you would be here even reading this…but you don’t believe in signs or magical endings, must have been something that has happened to you before to make you feel like it just doesn’t get better. I’ve always been so optimistic and you realistic. But your realism has only gotten you so far and your starting to realize that now, I felt your anger and depression you’re not in a hole anymore stop digging. Every letter I have written to you was pure… love does exist in different forms but it seems like you don’t remember what that is anymore your numb and you try your hardest to be happy when you feel like drowning the most, trust me i use to be like that my mind was in chains and i was bound to things i thought i had no control over. who would’ve thought i didn’t learn freedom of mind and situations til last year, it made me feel a new sense of hope and life really i started to see different perceptions and it made me change the way i think and look at life. there is a way out you know, look within yourself what have you allowed yourself to become ? it has been so much easier said than done and you feel so lost and stuck in the same cycles you were born to break those things that were never meant to have your name on. you deserve to heal those wounds and ill behavior that has been instilled in your mind. i hope one day your able to change those things that don’t bring you peace. This letter is to you, to let you know that even when you have no control you have the decisions that can ultimately change your life what will you choose?

We are healthy and happy we are glad you are finally finding your sense of self, coming here was a long shot but it was worth it, express how you feel before the time runs out. we love you, we care about you, we know that it was your birthright to be here, i know it puts a smile on your face when you picture your life how you dreamed don’t ever lose it promise me because i know you’re capable of being there, wholeheartedly. Truth is this may be your last goodbye so here is what the world needs more of love and faith so we send it to those in need of a little extra tonight.

Before i send you this be prepared for a change, a shift in your heart,mind, and life and know that we hung on long enough to say these words to you. read them til you feel them again.

We love you. you don’t have to pretend to be strong anymore..wipe your tears and find home already.

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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