It doesn’t have to be fair

Do you know what I think isn’t fair, I think that loving someone who doesn’t love you back isn’t fair. I feel like messing with someone you have no intentions on loving or you’re in love with is wrong. But we’ve all done it, we have all let someone down in a way where the mental, physical, spiritual realm has been unbalanced since the day you left. How is that fair? How is that fair to yourself to know that everything you reap you sow. Hearts are drawn by attraction by physical touch and by simply just loving who they are. when do you begin to hate them for everything they’ve done? When do you begin to hate them for using you for discarding your truth for discouraging your future? How is it that no matter what they do you love them anyway, you love them because in order for you to move on and be who you’re meant to be or just to be seen you love them enough to love yourself more to not let it affect you the way you once thought it would. If you ask me love isn’t always just a beautiful rainbow cliché right? Everyone says that, people seem to believe you have to be hurt multiple times to understand the depths of love. But what about unconditional love? The love but you can feel in your bones you can feel through the spirit and you can send to the touch and the taste of their lips on yours. It doesn’t have to end there it doesn’t have to be this horrible story that you keep replaying in your mind because that’s all you see from the emotions you feel, you can start again until you feel what it use to feel like then let it go. Let it go for the both of you, so you can move on and run wherever the wind is taking your soul to be next. Until you understand the layers and depths of yourself how can you whole? how can you feel? how can you become? we use our talents as if they aren’t gifts. One day when you’re able to finally open your eyes and see that you were walking in your destiny the whole time your eyes just weren’t perplexed your soul just wasn’t aligned your energy wasn’t felt because you weren’t who you were meant to be. does love teach you all of those things to be vulnerable, hurt, discouraged, to finally feel what it’s like to live a life that you’re no longer in captivity but you’re free.

I just want to let whoever is reading this know that no matter how many times you feel like you’re going to have a breakdown you are not alone, you are placed here for a purpose and your rhythm is exactly where it needs to be at this moment understand all of those things please never give up on what you feel love is because one day you will be recognized for those very things. your sanctuary doesn’t have to be a person your sanctuary can be yourself fully and no one has understand that but you.

Published by akkware

In the process of discovering one of many desires, I hope that my words are living through every soul that encounters.

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