she really wish….

she could not seem to catch up, every time she made a plan it would drain her back to her most uneasy state.

she really wish someone would stay.

she would touch souls that intertwined but in the end they seem to unwind. close your eyes it will be fine, she cried most days to feel the high.

she really wish someone would stay.

most times she was held imprisoned存he constantly yearned for someone with emotion, knowledge, and experience. admiring throughout the same route she wonders if there would be someone new to meet.

she really wish someone would stay.

long nights in a box wondering who could feed her thoughts, this generation scares her no one would know how to handle her. oftentimes, she ran the clock only to be overwhelmed with frustration. All-day long she seeks appreciation for someone who sweeps in and understands her limitations and sets her heart on fire to receive rewards of completions. Running along the deepest clockwork, time would rewind when she was not doing her best work多ow do you reset the time that was only in the mind oh how much she cried for a partner in crime.

she really wish someone would stay.

Every time she met a pure soul, they would twist her inner skull. If only this time it was far more than a number. A real love that invested in taking part in her essence. Only some could understand her passion but not quite to give her all she was asking. A cloud of smog would appear above her it’s only a matter of time before she learned why she was always seeking another lost connection, it never proceeded upon one light but hopefully, she eventually comprehends the insight. soon she explained that if you allow the events to come back it’ll operate the same course and authentic love would pass her by.. she concluded this time she would try to learn herself instead of admiring about who was in her head.

she really wish someone would stay.

(ME) she asserted all this season she was looking for someone to answer her every demand, externally still remembering on the extraordinary devotion she drilled far inside her wandering cycle. she could conquer this atmosphere and make art her most profound strokes of art no need for a lover her work was cited. She never grasped how long it took to get herself in line. This time when she made a frame or questioned her wait it was all to invest into her fine portrait she represented magic in the mix of the star and the luna she withdrew her bedroom and held drawn to her proofs..she certainly recognized that her story was a pathway invented by the one operating the thoughts, wow growth is astounding when she let go of the baggage, next time they saw her she was traveling in the atmosphere an angel of fulfillment she finally made it into the doors of the unknown shielded by her vessels, at last, she mastered all she ever wanted was herself.

calling me home.









Who can feed your desires more than you? See a mirror reflection through my words come to life. welcome to my blogg.


It doesnt have to be fair

Do you know what I think isnt fair, I think that loving someone who doesnt love you back isnt fair. I feel like messing with someone you have no intentions on loving or youre in love with is wrong. But weve all done it, we have all let someone down in a way where the mental, physical, spiritual realm has been unbalanced since the day you left. How is that fair? How is that fair to yourself to know that everything you reap you sow. Hearts are drawn by attraction by physical touch and by simply just loving who they are. when do you begin to hate them for everything theyve done? When do you begin to hate them for using you for discarding your truth for discouraging your future? How is it that no matter what they do you love them anyway, you love them because in order for you to move on and be who youre meant to be or just to be seen you love them enough to love yourself more to not let it affect you the way you once thought it would. If you ask me love isnt always just a beautiful rainbow clich矇 right? Everyone says that, people seem to believe you have to be hurt multiple times to understand the depths of love. But what about unconditional love? The love but you can feel in your bones you can feel through the spirit and you can send to the touch and the taste of their lips on yours. It doesnt have to end there it doesnt have to be this horrible story that you keep replaying in your mind because thats all you see from the emotions you feel, you can start again until you feel what it use to feel like then let it go. Let it go for the both of you, so you can move on and run wherever the wind is taking your soul to be next. Until you understand the layers and depths of yourself how can you whole? how can you feel? how can you become? we use our talents as if they arent gifts. One day when youre able to finally open your eyes and see that you were walking in your destiny the whole time your eyes just werent perplexed your soul just wasnt aligned your energy wasnt felt because you werent who you were meant to be. does love teach you all of those things to be vulnerable, hurt, discouraged, to finally feel what its like to live a life that youre no longer in captivity but youre free.

I just want to let whoever is reading this know that no matter how many times you feel like youre going to have a breakdown you are not alone, you are placed here for a purpose and your rhythm is exactly where it needs to be at this moment understand all of those things please never give up on what you feel love is because one day you will be recognized for those very things. your sanctuary doesnt have to be a person your sanctuary can be yourself fully and no one has understand that but you.

The Good,Bad,and Ugly

A Letter to you,

I know your reading this right now with your jaw locked and your mind filled with thoughts of anger and confusion. I know you thought that at this time it would’ve been different for you. You are not understanding life right now it has been stagnant and filled with test after test, you seem to feel like you failed every single one since this has been a surprise to you..independence is like freedom and it feels like it’s been taken away so suddenly. You probably didn’t even think that you would be here even reading this…but you don’t believe in signs or magical endings, must have been something that has happened to you before to make you feel like it just doesn’t get better. I’ve always been so optimistic and you realistic. But your realism has only gotten you so far and your starting to realize that now, I felt your anger and depression you’re not in a hole anymore stop digging. Every letter I have written to you was pure… love does exist in different forms but it seems like you don’t remember what that is anymore your numb and you try your hardest to be happy when you feel like drowning the most, trust me i use to be like that my mind was in chains and i was bound to things i thought i had no control over. who would’ve thought i didn’t learn freedom of mind and situations til last year, it made me feel a new sense of hope and life really i started to see different perceptions and it made me change the way i think and look at life. there is a way out you know, look within yourself what have you allowed yourself to become ? it has been so much easier said than done and you feel so lost and stuck in the same cycles you were born to break those things that were never meant to have your name on. you deserve to heal those wounds and ill behavior that has been instilled in your mind. i hope one day your able to change those things that don’t bring you peace. This letter is to you, to let you know that even when you have no control you have the decisions that can ultimately change your life what will you choose?

We are healthy and happy we are glad you are finally finding your sense of self, coming here was a long shot but it was worth it, express how you feel before the time runs out. we love you, we care about you, we know that it was your birthright to be here, i know it puts a smile on your face when you picture your life how you dreamed don’t ever lose it promise me because i know you’re capable of being there, wholeheartedly. Truth is this may be your last goodbye so here is what the world needs more of love and faith so we send it to those in need of a little extra tonight.

Before i send you this be prepared for a change, a shift in your heart,mind, and life and know that we hung on long enough to say these words to you. read them til you feel them again.

We love you. you don’t have to pretend to be strong anymore..wipe your tears and find home already.

Shifting Me

Stay up high, speak your words into existence, appreciate every SINGLE moment, worry less, let your feminine side flow. Because YOU are a warrior walking through this life who has nothing but the best life. Your thriving through broken vessel and reconnecting the blood lines but THIS time you are doing it with fresh clear blood. We are here to make a difference whether it be for us or for the world & im perfectly happy with pleasing both sides. LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT, so make sure you make it how you want too Thank you Louisiana for shifting my thoughts and allowing me to stand and feel change. Thank you Road Trip for helping want to see more of ME so I can see more of YOU

I 歹 Louisiana

Travel blog part 1.

the energy is very different here
Nothing like it #blacklivesmatter everyone is so welcoming & so not allergic to different skin colors. Everyone walks around everyone without fear or resist. Isnt this how we should normalize all around our globe. To walk into a brand new area and feel the peace instantly, no brand on who is who? I feel like New Orleans is here to teach me something about freedom & humanity. Something this world needs to seek endlessly for I felt so exotic here like I was in fear of people without knowing their intentions but for someone reason watching people casually walk & go as if there was never anything Unknown. Why was this world so filled with hate, envy, scares, angry when you walk into different dimension you can feel the love & high spirits. We need this world to change. We stand for justice for peace for normalizing that racism is a behind its facade of LIFE. I feel so empowered to be in such a place where spirits arise & souls ascend no darkness can form in the light. #neworleans #neworleansculture @neworleansmag


Something about writing that makes things personal, maybe the word I or even real life events turned into a story how about the time you dreamt of a destruction. Although it effects no one’s life but your own the agonize feeling seeping deep in the pit of the stomach of the person fanicasting it all happening in the heat of the moment.

I was dreaming and all of a sudden I was in a house familiar.. far to familiar.. all of a sudden I was hiding after relaxing on the couch with a relative, in the mix of the door banging and panicking because my intuition was screaming fear. Who was I to be afraid of anything in the house I soulfully knew. Running to the bathroom turning on irons to burn them if they crossed me and a knife big enough to cut three heads at once. Making sure the outlets were streaming high powers of electricity, while phoning the cops on the other hand and a silence drew no one answered. As i called again in panic telling them a description of what I was experiencing and silence drew once again, I felt alone and scared. Then in the heat of the moment I ran to have a look. where they still peaking through the door? and so they were and I was recognized by name, as I shared a glimpse of whom it could be the witch was staring at me and broke in instantly I ran, I grabbed my weapons and when I went back I heard chattered and knew that this person was comfortable in the house I was in, the house that held safety as a child is now bearing the same people who possess evil and corruption. As I entered there was no fear, as I turned around I had seen my own relative recognize who that person was and looked at me with the face of the same spirit hidden so well. As I went outside I was reading the license plate of the cars parked outside the driveway as the others who broke in where her own children and smiled in my face… I tried to cancel the call from the police but they never received the call, as this young girl drives past she had to notice the spirit inside me was sad and confused and offered me a gift as I cried because I was recognized and she gave a hug of comfort.

I feel it deep in my soul that the word i have been asking for was revealed. “watch those around you”

Everything I thought it was..

Everything I sought it out to be slowing became the very things puzzling me. I had known these feelings before but I wasnt frightened of it beating at my door, this time I was ready to overcome this sensation similar I have in my times of brokenness .. did you forget you grasped this part that showed happiness although I took the part of restoration and unity. I discovered my gateway to another beginning regarding the deepest essence of actuality.

**SIGNS **

signs are everywhere even in the words you speak

the universe has a special way of doing things

when you are feeling all alone, someone random will hit up your phone, laying down asking for a sign when you click the screen 11:11 is right in sight. Wishing for another job and the offer arise , funny how the universe loves surprises.

sometimes it shows you its time to let go and suddenly you hear words of discernment and wonder how far did I let this go. nobody sees the way it works until tuned into inner fireworks all made by light a force to be wrecked with wondering what is in-stored when eyes are closed when thoughts are speeding through the subconscious mind of another soul suddenly he/she shows up in a dream what kind of message was it interpreting. wishing for magic is the same as praying for a miracle as soon as you ask you will receive don’t be the one to ask for corrupt things karma will please you in the worst ways. speak highly to the universe and what is created getting into alignment will manifest it, who knew life was an investment. As you find your inner-peace you will be tested just keep your mind in the right momentum, it is easy to fall out of realm it seems so unreal when you’re living in freedom. Unfortunately but fortunately you will disconnect from old habits it scatters your brain playing a trick like its a bad thing happening, your body didn’t realize that it was toxic until your reached a point where the top is far more than average.

I wonder if we all see it the same the way the greenery seems to come alive or even the birds chirping all through the divine, sitting in silence is almost as beautiful as meditation have you ever truly felt your vibrations.

our life is abundant its flourishing in time, follow your hearts path even in the darkest times.

Mindless Emotions

Im in a state of disbelief

No matter what words I say it feels like you never hear me

I wish there was a better way to say that you dont listen anyway

I use to vent about my emotions now it seems stuck in a bottle of motion.

Maybe one day my heart wont be broken, you are no male in my life you are the women who breathes in mine.

Our space is small and your lungs grow tall I wish there was a place for it all.

Im starting to realize to not fear the dark

Its only because Ive been there too long.

Flushing away my deepest anger all for the words to still linger.

I just need to get out of this place of repetition, next time we talk it wont be for competition youll see me for my own visions.

Why do you leave my heart so astray I just want to bleed tears till it all goes away

Im here alone in the mind itself… I guess there was never any true help.

Ill stand alone through my toughest emotions and when I over come them Ill remember this moment. You didnt hear me when I was in a still so Ill just leave this here for your next motivate.

Maybe you dont know your slowly hurting me..you only want my sympathy of things that are of you and because of that Im leaving you where you stand, I cant help the heart of a soulless human.


When Destiny died, our whole city went to her ceremony. She was only 25 years old and didn’t even experience having a born child or loving husband. The women were all in despair and the men were curious of the monument she had created, she had a whimsy look to her face and their was never a day she let anyone cry in her face without shouting out a joyful song to cheer up her beloved friends. Her vacation home was east of Hawaii island, she would fly there when she needed to recuperate. The home was a secret and one one knew until her death. She use to tell stories to the people back home about giving surfing lessons and riding through the waves, and speaking with dolphins. She was a harmless women who could be just as salty as the sea. Her home was filled with shells and oysters that she had found along the shore. She was a peaceful women who dreaded nothing and always looked upon the stars.

Alive, Destiny had been a giver, lover, and wise woman of her word; a sort of robot that never wanted to be at ease, looking back from that day in 2019 when everyone vowed to change their life the following year, the most amazing person – Hustler had died before her eyes on the news she was inflicted and deeply saddened, she would speak her thoughts from here on out she rambled if you care enough to make a difference you would stop talking and do it already, the aggianize truths would feed her doubt at times but she would persevere through it all. Ms.Destiny would not accept an excuse from anyone and allow her reasoning to be voice profoundly.An angry women, not Destiny she understood that we all have a purpose whether we obtain it or not we a breathing flesh of the realness this life has to offer.

When the next Generation, started to become more influential, targeting life changing goals, and becoming millionaires off of one idea she became in good spirits because she knew all it took was a little voice to encourage the younger age group. On the first six months she would receive emails that adolescents where following her advice and were becoming successful she would cry tears of joy in those who believe in themselves. One of the biggest night came in June she would be speaking at her very own event on main street to all of those who felt isolated to their lives. They awarded her the ” Best Motivational Speaker” which came by surprise she just wanted to help the society around her that was her prize. After the ceremony she was showered with powerful words and a united group of hard workers who could carry on her words. A dream right before her eyes she found her niche.

They called a non-profit “Destiny’s World” after her appearance that night in June. Many children would wait for her to come outside her steps and tell a story, and when she wasn’t on time they would knock with laughter and she would answer with gushy warm cookies and a milk carton implying this story was going to be too good to leave before the street lights, Parents would sit around and wait in awe of the inspiration she had shared with the adolescents. As they walked out she would remind them be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen you never know what something might be trying to tell you listen to your intuition.

It had been a couples of months and it was Destiny’s week to soar in the sky to the unknown, she had been packing her bags when her phone rang with a disturbing text ” Ms.Destiny my grandfather had died and there is no life without him, he guided me to you and now if you leave I will be all alone trying to piece this tragedy please don’t go.” She was in fear of what this message conveyed so she told him ” If your grandfather brought you to me your life will be abundant my love keeping you in my prayers – love Destiny”. She was in fact devastated, what that child did not know was his grandfather was Destiny’s lover and she could not bear her emotions she flew to her home in Hawaii with a somber spirit mourning her loved one.

Arriving to her destination, fear and angry embodied her spirit attacking her like mosquitoes on a summer night. She would enter her realm of clamility but she had no other way to relieve this pain only by meditating. Her dearest friends would call her for days since she left a month has gone by and she had shut the world out to understand her own insides, she sent a letter shortly after two months of being away. ” I have decided that since the old me has vanished it is time for me to seek another love within that i may not be able to consistently maintain around the people who have seen me in those states of mind, until i am ready i will not be back love you all Destiny.”

Goodbye, this is Destiny’s last time freeing herself for she is loosed in her spirit she has made a life changing alter in manys lives but hasn’t fulfilled all that made her manifest into whom she is becoming. She loved to be strong for everyone that was her anointed gift but for her life’s calling it was all to find herself out of the darkness and ever since her lover had passed she already knew her life was entering a supernatural realm…. January 1st 2020 Destiny was called upon her ancestors. Her Eulogy said ” Oh sweetest Destiny how you have entered the place that had held you from the roots, you made a life of honest words and pure deeds for you may find your lover and rest in peace. Because of your most generous soul, your children have place a fountain of honor when they are in need may the call your name and overflow them with your gracious love. On this day may we reclaim your power back in our lives so we may live to fight and conquer each day. we will meet you there Miss Destiny.”